Services We Offer

Independent Medical Evaluations


ManageAbility IME has an extensive panel of multispecialty, board certified, healthcare professionals who offer proficiency and expertise in conducting independent medical evaluations. Our physicians render unbiased opinions based upon objective clinical examinations and review of the medical records and diagnostics.


Our diversified panel of experts is certified to analyze medical reports and develop timelines in order to provide detailed recommendations to assist our clients with the necessary information needed in order to bring a case to resolution.


Our panel includes board certified neuroradiologists and radiologists available for independent film reviews using our state-of-the-art cloud based system to ensure quality and accuracy.


In an effort to reduce administrative burdens on our client, ManageAbility IME will coordinate transportation and translation services as needed in conjunction with the Independent Medical Examination.


In an effort to make the review process more efficient for our physicians, our experienced team at ManageAbility IME will organize, sort, scan, and index the medical records appropriately, promptly turning them over to the reviewing physician.


The Quality Analyst serves as the liaison between the client and the physician and diligently strives to identify and meet the needs of our client. The Quality Analyst works with the physician to ensure that the independent medical evaluation report is issued in a timely manner and is accurate, complete, and addresses all of the client’s questions and concerns.


ManageAbility IME is committed to the consistent delivery of the highest quality customer service available industry-wide. Our professional and knowledgeable staff will ensure:

  • All IME appointments are scheduled within 24 hours upon receipt of referral
  • Cite letter notifications will be sent to the appropriate parties, and by request, can be submitted via certified mail (return receipt requested) or overnight
  • Confirmation calls will be placed to the examinee and/or attorney prior to the exam date
  • Transportation to the examination will be arranged upon request
  • Interpreters of any language will be scheduled upon request
  • No show notifications will be submitted to our client within 24 hours