Physician Recruitment

Advantages to Joining Our Team

Sales & Marketing

Our clients choose MAI IME for medical examination services for worker’s comp and disability claims not only because of the certified expert panel we have to offer, but also because we provide the highest level of customer service, thorough quality assurance processes, and competitive industry pricing. As a healthcare professional on our team, we make every effort to promote you and inform our customers of your specific qualifications.

Appointment Scheduling, Medical Records, & File Preparation

Our professional and knowledgeable worker’s comp and disability medical examination staff will work directly with you to coordinate an appointment schedule. All appointments are scheduled as your time allows and according to your specifications. We also have a confirmation process in place for all scheduled appointments in an effort to reduce the percentage of no shows.

MAI IME will gather all pertinent medical records and organize them appropriately. Upon receipt of your draft report, our Quality Analyst, who serves as the liaison between our client and the physician, will diligently strive to identify and meet the needs of our client. The Quality Analyst works with the physician to ensure that the independent medical evaluation report is issued in a timely manner and is accurate, complete, and addresses all of the client’s questions and concerns, thereby reducing the need for future addenda. The report is only released to our client after we have received final approval and signature.

Contact Us

Laura DeLuca

Vice President

P: (248) 344-2272

Tamara Bedi

Account Executive

P: (248) 348-8200


Our mission at MAI IME is to provide the claims industry with access to local accredited healthcare professionals who offer expertise in conducting independent medical evaluations, medical record reviews, and radiological reviews. MAI IME is dedicated to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations with high standards of all our worker’s comp and disability medical examinations. If you are looking for a job as a physician or healthcare professional, apply with MAI IME today.

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